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Jual Wall Shelf Stainless Steel, Rak Stainless

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Wall ShelfStainless steel kitchen shelf refers to the shelves of stainless steel. Used in various industrial sectors, and is generally used in catering for different qualities. It is made of stainless steel, usually with electrochemically polished to remove impurities and imperfections, and this is to produce light. This process is used to provide sterile conditions, and has a very long life, even when used in most environments and under difficult circumstances.


Although permanent rack system and a stable, high and uneven shelves may require additional stability and installation of heavy feet and can provide these needs. Rack systems are available in various designs and sizes that best suit the requirements. Police for other uses may include office shelves, kitchen shelves, shelving and garage. Typical single wall cabinet is made of solid 304 series 16 gauge stainless steel.


There are many types and styles are available shelf and some of them may include:

the bare wall shelves, a microwave shelf, a wall mounting bracket shelves, Sink the rack, a decorative wall shelf,Wall Shelf 1 Floating on the shelf, own rack, Recipes for pot rack & shelf .

It resembles a typical rack special timber shelf. Both parties will have a vertically integrated shelf and may number from two to about eight, depending on customer requirements.

They are very easy to clean and very hygienic, but not really un-stainable. The stainless steel is the only truly rust-proof.

  1. Fungsi :

Single wall shelf stainless steel adalah rack dinding kegunaan nya untuk taruh barang-barang seperti botol, galon, piring, dan barang lain nya. Bahkan jika anda mau kami bisa membuat untuk model double wall shelf, Hal tersebut bergantung kepada keinginan dari pemilik restoran, hotel dan catering tersebut

  1. Cara memasang nya :

Pasang nya di dinding tembok anda dengan cara di bor terdahulu wall shelf nya lalu tembok di bor juga dan masukan dina bolt dengan ukuran yang anda mau seperti ukuran dina bolt 8 mm.

  1. Bahan :

. Plat stainless steel type HL 201

. Top stainless steel tebal 1 mm

. Ukuran standar 120cmx30cmx25cm

Kami juga menyediakan dan membuat segala jenis ukuran yang anda mau (custom), begitu juga dengan bahan stainless steel type plat 304.

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