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Jual Gas Grill / Pemanggang

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Grill Portable1, All stainless steel body,strong and durable.
2, Electric direct spark ignition,flame failure safety device for each control.

A Gas Dispensing Unit is incorporated in the Casing and fired into the lava rocks above. The advantage of this design is that the rocks acts as the heat conductor and in similar fashion of a charcoal grill, but without the dirt and inconvenience of such a unit. It is also a better system in comparison with a gas grill heated using a metal plate. It enhances the flavours of grilling, durable and very practical for outdoor family use.


1,All stainless steel body,strong and durable.

2,Electric direct spark ignition,flame failure safety device for each control.

3,Heavy duty gas burner with individual switch.

5,Devices are preset to city gas,natural gas or LPG.


Jual Gas Grill atau Pemanggang Daging

Kami menjual Gas Grill dari bahan stainless steel dengan harga murah dan mutu terbaik. Kompor Gas Grill adalah Kompor untuk bakaran ikan atau ayam, dapat juga untuk mengolah sate, dengan batu vulkanik agar panas lebih merata tanpa membuat bahan yang di olah menjadi hitam, ukuran standar  dapat di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan


Harga Gas Charcoal Grill atau Pemanggang Ikan

Harga Gas Charcoal Grill yang kami tawarkan adalah Rp. 4.450.000,- untuk Gas Grill Portable ukuran 40x60x30cm dan Harga Pemanggang Ikan dengan kaki (standing Gas Charcoal Grill) ukuran 40x60x80cm Rp. 4.850.000,-

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